Optimize performance with Bueno Smart Building Analytics

Improve operational performance and exceed business goals

Your business relies on complex, and often siloed systems that are expensive to operate and pose a risk to your operational performance if they fail or run sub-optimally. Imagine having a single source of truth of your building operations so you can optimize performance and minimize risk.

  • Exceed sustainability targets
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve occupant experience
  • Reduce operational and maintenance expenditures
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Increase asset reliability
Improve operational performance and exceed business goals

Discover how Bueno Smart Building Analytics solution works

Bueno’s industry leading Smart Building Analytics is designed to provide you with rich insights to drive smarter decisions. By identifying and collecting large quantities of data from your building’s systems, we process and analyze that data to provide meaningful insights that allow you and your teams to act accordingly.

Buildings, Data & Integration

Centrally Integrate Buildings and Data

Bueno Smart Building Analytics system unlocks your operational data and provides complete visibility of all your building's proprietary and historical data in one centralized location.

  • Open API architecture supports integration to 3rd party services and tools
  • Is scalable to collect and monitor hundreds, if not thousands of buildings per client
  • Interprets and analyses large volumes of event data from thousands of devices, endpoints, and applications in near real-time, 24/7
  • Works across all property types of building complexity, size, and scale

We collect data from your building’s systems including:




Building Automation Systems




3rd party tools




State of the art technology

Built on Google Cloud Services, we leverage Machine Learning with IoT data and infuse Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics to provide you with faster insights. Ultimately enabling you to make faster and smarter decisions.

Security and Data Privacy

Bueno is secure and reliable and can provide the necessary controls to satisfy regulatory requirements. Have comfort knowing that enterprises, Governments, and Defence from around the world choose to use Bueno Smart Building Analytics.

  • Standard security includes single sign-on authentication, access, and level control
  • Dashboards to provide visuals and an audit trail of what is happening, what has been actioned, and by who
  • Track regulatory requirements and report on asset compliance

Insights, Information & Users

Unlock data & gain complete visibility

Unlock data and gain complete visibility in near real-time so you can make smart decisions with our library of pre-configured (or easily configured) reports and dashboards. Benchmark against business needs and measure performance on a range of value streams such as:

  • Energy and water efficiency optimization
  • Refrigeration optimization
  • Asset lifecycle optimization
  • Data-driven maintenance
  • Risk Management
  • Indoor Environment Quality
  • Warranty Management

Deeper Insights

Bueno provides insights for any use case including managing building complexity, user type to adopting data-driven operational practices. We recognize the need to deploy different analytic solutions based on the customer's needs.

  • Symptomatic and basic fault finding to identify performance/efficiency slip and direct mandatory maintenance activities
  • Root cause analysis to automate fault finding and diagnostics, validate corrective actions, and respond faster to reactive/service events
  • Optimization through identifying new or improved strategies to operate your systems at higher efficiency and better quality of service
  • Predictive analytics to identify assets at risk of failure ahead of time
  • Custom solutions: We will work together through a systematic engagement and discovery process to deploy bespoke analytics to address your specific strategic goals

Turning information into value

We recognize that to deliver the best return on investment, you need to empower your team of various operational stakeholders to become active participants.
To ensure you and your team get value, Bueno offers a customer success team from onboarding, mobilization to ongoing support and best practices.


Actioning Insights

The final piece of the puzzle is ensuring your team is actioning those insights to ensure you realize the benefits and savings. Associate individuals with assets and parts to be fixed with ticketing and workflow management and hold all operational stakeholders accountable if actions aren’t getting completed with status reporting. Improve communication between the team with Bueno’s user-friendly native service management platform, or integrate our analytics platform with your own enterprise CMMS / service management system.

Bueno Managed Services Offering

Bueno hybrid SaaS + Managed Services

Don’t have the resources? Together with our team of experienced engineers, we work to understand your internal capabilities and strategy to develop a hybrid solution where our team (or partners) will complement any capability gap that might exist in adopting Bueno's Smart Building Analytics system.

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