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We work with market leaders to holistically optimize your built environment through meaningful insights.

Who we are

Bueno (BUilt ENvironment Optimisation) helps teams harness the power of Smart Building Analytics to realize a more sustainable future by centralizing building management at scale. Putting superior insights into the hands of teams to achieve ambitious net-zero targets, reduce operating costs and improve asset optimization.

We believe data in the right hands can transform the way we work, from operations, decision making all the way to team communication and workflow.

Bueno’s strength lies in empowering people to sustainably manage and optimize their built environment through actionable insights. Our passionate and experienced team of industry experts are leveraging our product to disrupt property sustainability and operations across the globe.

We recognize our client's unique goals and value long-term relationships celebrating their wins as our own. Ultimately, we want to optimize the way your buildings and teams work while positively impacting your bottom line and our planet.


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Our executive team

We’re passionate about making the complex simple and having a little fun while we’re at it. Our team possesses a unique set of skills that make us unbeatable.

Leon Wurfel

Leon Wurfel (Founder)

Leon is the founder of Bueno, winner of the ARBS Young Achievers Achievers award, advisory board member for Realcomm, and international smart building speaker. Leon believes that prop-tech can disrupt industries with a pro-social outcome and has the power to create a more sustainable workforce, environment, and synergy between people.

He has a true passion for sustainable living and making a positive impact, which trickles through into everything he does at Bueno. He aims to disrupt the industry through data and purpose-driven innovation.

Hugh Amoyal

Hugh Amoyal (CEO)

Hugh is CEO at Bueno, and is a curious and passionate leader that has worked with the likes of the Federal Department of Health, the Australian Privacy Commissioner, Westpac & AMSRO to name a few.

Hugh is driven by his passion to leave the world a better place for his children and does that through his knowledge of data, technology and leadership abilities to ensure Bueno can create long-lasting and impactful change to combat the Climate Crisis.

Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison (CTO)

Richie is the Chief Technology Officer at Bueno. In this role, he is accountable for Bueno’s technology strategy and the formulation, development, and delivery of Bueno’s software platform. Richard has worked with Australia’s largest Telecommunications company Telstra to design and develop Machine Learning (ML) pipelines for their Interactive voice response (IVR) platform.

Richard is passionate about utilizing technology to reduce the impact humans have on our environment, as well as fostering a culture of mindfulness, compassion, and sustainable work/life balance within Bueno.

Interested in joining Bueno?

Whether you’re a budding engineer, strong salesperson, marketing maverick, or innovative ideas type, we’re always looking for talented people to join our growing team.

People like what we do, here are some awards to prove it


Software/Digital Excellence award


Contractor of the Year

Crown Casino (Melbourne)

IBCON Smart Building Showcase

Queen St East (Toronto), DEXUS Portfolio (Australia), Crown Casino (Melbourne)


Environmental Sustainability

Crown Casino

Project Excellence Award | Woolworths EMC Project


Innovator of the Year Award

Climate Alliance

Our Team

ARBS Young Achiever of the Year

(Leon Wurfel)

EEC Young Professional of the Year

(Leon Wurfel)

REALCOMM IBcon Julie Devine Digital Impact Nomination

(Leon Wurfel)

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